Rafena is an Cannabis asset management company which also holds its own proprietary CBD brand; Canna-me.

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Building trust isn’t something we take lightly. Our results are evident in our products and echoed by our global partners.

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Our unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and medicinal herbs are designed specifically for each human 

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Why Choose Rafena

The perfect blend of science and nature starts with what comes out of the soil. Our growing techniques and technologies are both innovative and effective. We make sure we do not only 

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All our products are lab tested in third-party laboratories, as well as our own to ensure consistency and quality across the board.

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The best products required the best ingredients; Science has proven that organic elements yield the most nutrients and are safest for consumption. That’s why we’re committed to 100% 

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We ensure the product Quality Control through the whole production chain – from seed selection and planting to medical grade supercritica

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To ensure that we harvest the highest grade of CBD our quality control begins even before the planting process. Our products and ingredients are made only from trusted sources.

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Each of our expertly researched and developed formulas achieves the perfect balance between CBD and medicinal herbs to create unique

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Latest Updates in the Industry

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CBD, The best kept secret of the cosmetics industry

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Terpenes, changing our point of view on CBD formulation

Terpenes, changing our point of view on CBD formulation

With countries becoming more multicultural, the desire and need to speak a second language has never been greater.

Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Chief Cultivation Officer

Scientific Adviser

Pet Scientific consultant

Head Veterinarian

VP Logistics and Operations / Europe

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"As a growing B2B International based business Rafena keeps those 'family'-like values despite having vast international presence. They are a forward thinking organization who give their clients the best possible opportunities to excel."

Andro McAllen – VP Biz Dev

"I made some excellent friends and received a vast improvement in our growing operation in 6 months’ time. I enjoyed the vibrant environment in the Israeli office, and the team was very friendly and hardworking."

Tamir Shalom – CEO

"The working environment is a warm and friendly one with the right mix between work and play. For those thinking of opening a cultivation operation in this industry, I would recommend talking first with the Rafena team."

Maichel Rood - Operation manager

"We had constructed a cultivation and process center with their help and guidelines. The process went faster and with a flow that we haven’t seen in the industry before. Highly recommended."

Steven Amber – Cultivation Manager

"Moving to a Hi-Tec cultivation operation can be the difference between a success story to a failure, the Rafena team have done their homework and came prepared with all the right upgrades for our current systems, The resulted are amazing "
Jerald Fisher – CEO

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