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Our Story

Rafena is the translation of the Hebrew biblical term רפא נא which means ‘Heal Me’.

Conceived by partners Melody Dekel, a dynamic and passionate marketing specialist and visionary Cannabis social activist, and Matan Shamir, a Cannabis extraction expert with over 20 years in international Sales & Business operations Development who advocates and volunteers in the medical cannabis industry in Israel, both believe immensely in the ancient healing plant.

Their passion for the plant’s healing qualities grew out of necessity.

Melody was one of the first mothers to help treat her child with Cannabis (CBD), which proved to deliver remarkable results. Understanding it’s healing benefits, Melody decided to dedicate her work in researching cannabis and its positive effects. She has made it her mission to assist others in self-healing.

Similarly, Matan discovered Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), a highly concentrated cannabis oil in an effort to help his ailing father.

Today, Matan teaches doctors and nurses in Israeli health departments on how to treat patients eligible for medical cannabis. He emphasizes the benefits of educating patients on how to treat themselves.

With their extensive knowledge of cannabis and CBD, they set out to create Rafena, a brand that answers their own personal needs for natural and personalized healing solutions for treatable disorders and health-related issues.

Treating Symptoms Organically

The fact is, many individuals today suffer from a diverse variety of health concerns that can be treated in a natural and organic way. For these reasons, Rafena creates personalized CBD products that assist in managing these symptoms.

Refena’s products are 100% organic, excluding any genetically-modified products or unnatural chemicals. Additionally, we’ve set a standard for sustainability, by ensuring that we minimize the ecological impact of our products, from seed to packaging.

The Rafena team take sustainability to heart. We’ve made it one of our core values to be all natural and eco-friendly, from packaging to consumption. We consider how our business affects the natural world from the moment our seeds are planted in the ground to the moment you open our packaging.

Additionally, Rafena will be launching a non-profit organization for their social projects, such as a support fund for parents who cannot afford CBD oil for their children.