Our Team

We crafted a fabulous team of experts, scientists, and cultivators to harness the full potential of knowledge and experience we need to build an empire.

Each staff member of our company  brings not only a deep level of passion, but also a deep professional quality and experience.

Rafena strives to consistently be the leader of our game and to always be on the leading edge of innovation. Together we are expanding our ideology and pledge to serve humanity in the best possible way.


Matan Shamir

Co-Founder & CEO

Matan is a sharp serial entrepreneur, with over twenty years of International operations, sales and business development experience. 

He possesses a deep understanding and specialty in all aspects of software, services, strategy and operations combined with a strong multi-discipline solution and customer oriented mindset.

Matan has a strong and consistent track record of driving sales, revenue, and profitability. He is a “go-getter” and has excellent business and operational skills, managing a team of up to 500 employees, and always pushing forward to the impossible.

Melody Shany-Dekel

Co-Founder & VP Business Development

Melody is a dynamic and passionate Marketing specialist and visionary social activist in the field of Medical Cannabis.

She holds over 15 years of Marketing & International Business Development experience within the fields of High Tech and Cannabis.

Melody was born and raised in New York & holds a BA, magna cum laude in Psychology from Columbia University.

Steven Meuleman

 Chief Cultivation Officer

Steven is a talented and passionate Cannabis Master Grower with more than 17 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, extraction and plant botany within the agricultural industry.

He has worked for several reputable companies in the Netherlands such as Royal Queen; this included setting up complete turn-key grow operations for various clients.

Ana Zaidenwerg

VP Logistics and Operations / Europe

Ana is an adventurous, proactive and multicultural person that has lived in different cities around the world searching for opportunities to learn, meet people and 

develop new ideas and experiences. 

With over 15 years of international experience working in Logistics and Operations in the public and private sectors.  

Originally from Buenos Aires, were she was raised and obtained her BA Degree in Law. She got her first MA in International Law and Relations while living in Barcelona, then moved to Israel for 10 years where she worked for several renowned International Organizations. She is currently based in Madrid, were she obtained her second MA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. 

Dr. Barry Nadel

Genetics Chief Scientist

Dr. Barry Nadel received his B.Sc. and M.Schas from the Dept. of Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis. He went on to get a Ph.D. in plant genetics from the Hebrew University, 

Faculty of Agriculture. Dr. Nadel has been involved in plant tissue culture since 1974. He headed the research and development for Danson Seed Co. for twenty-two years dealing with vegetables and field crops. He was chief scientist for a Israeli Cannabis company for two years improving their agronomic procedures and breeding new varieties. He has written four patents, two books on home wine making and two books on growing organically in greenhouses